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Welcome to New Patients

Looking for a new Doctor ?

We are currently still able to welcome and accommodate most new patients The practice is most useful if you live in the Ponsonby, Herne Bay, Freeman’s Bay or Grey Lynn areas as access is easy. So if you have recently moved and are looking for a new local doctor, please feel free to contact us. for more...

Patient's Rights and Legislative framework

The practice operates under the framework of the Medical Council, Health and Disability commissioner and privacy commissioner (see website links below)

Health Care is a partnership
Our Responsibility
You will be treated as a partner in the care and attention you receive
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Skin Cancer Checks
It is important not to ignore any new or changing moles or skin problems .We are able to rapidly assess new skin lesions and advice on the best course of action which may be life saving in the case of  Melanoma.
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Illness and Accidents
We provide the “first port of call” for most short tern and long term illnesses.
Treatment for moderate and minor accidents and sporting injuries is provided.

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Mens Health
Men are notorious for not attending to their health in a preventive way.Attention to important risk factors can help ensure a longer and healthier life.Risk of heart problems,stress,prostate and other sexual health concerns are among the common conditions we can offer advice and help about. for more...

Womens Health
We offer a full range of services,including cervical smear testing,gynaecological advice,breast health checks ,contraception ,information and advice about menopause .

The National Screening Unit  contains excellent information on the Cervical and BreastScreen programmes.
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Sexual Health and Contraception
Advice on prevention and detection of sexually transmitted conditions(eg herpes and chlamydia and genital warts) is available.Information on the full range of contraception advice is available;Diaphragms and IUDs (including Mirena)can be fitted . for more...

Travel Health Service
We provide comprehensive travel advice Plan ahead for your journey-the information and articles on the website should be helpful for in-depth reading. Tetanus boosters ,polio,hepatitis A and B vaccination and typhoid vaccination can all be provided .
Detailed discussion about malaria prevention is available.
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Enrolment and PHO issues.

Enrolment and PHO issues


Our practice is part of the Primary Health Network for Auckland (The Network) which is a Primary Health Organisation (PHO). This is the current Government System of funding Primary health Care. for more...

After Hours services
Our phone is diverted to an after-hour service when we are closed.You will be able to speak to a nurse who can advise you on the nearest clinic or arrange a visiting service doctor.
For emergencies dial 111.

Our nearest after-hours clinic is “Dr Ponsonby White Cross” which is at 202 Ponsonby Road.
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This section is designed to give you quality information on common conditions.


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Blood Disorders

Bones And Joints

Bowel And Abdominal Problems


Chest Problems

Children's Health

Circulation Problems


Drug Addiction

Ear, Nose, And Throat Problems

Elderly Health

Eye Problems

Heart Problems

High Blood Pressure

Hormone And Endocrine Problems


Liver Problems


Men's Health

Mental Health

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Personal And Social Issues

Pregnancy And Birth

Preventive Health


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