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ANXIETY- A patient's guide

Anxiety is a common condition which varies in intensity and severity.This article provides a good overview of the various forms it may take and descibes treatment options which may be very helpful.

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AMOXYCILLIN - a patient's guide

Amoxycillin is a penicillin that is used to treat a wide range of infections. This article profiles the medication, its uses, and side effects.

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ALTITUDE SICKNESS - a patient's guide

Altitude sickness is a common problem for mountain climbers and travellers to some areas. A high altitude is considered any height above 2500 metres (8000 feet) because altitude sickness is uncommon at heights…

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ASPIRIN - a patient's guide

Aspirin has a wide range of uses. It can be used for pain relief and to help prevent a heart attack and stroke. This article looks at some of its properties.

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